Welcome to La Piazza – Family Friendly Pizzeria in Vale do Lobo! Located in the heart of Partee Family Park, La Piazza offers a delightful dining experience with our authentic Neapolitan pizzas made from homemade dough and the freshest ingredients. Join us for a fun-filled meal that the whole family will love!


Because no great story ever started with a salad!

At La Piazza, we’re all about celebrating the good stuff: family, food, and fun! Our pizzas are like a hug from Nonna herself, made with love and the freshest, tastiest ingredients. Picture this: golden crusts baked to perfection in our state-of-the-art pizza oven, topped with dollops of homemade sauce and heaps of gooey cheese. Bellissimo!

Slice, Slice, Baby!

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Take Away

Take La Piazza home! Our authentic Neapolitan pizzas, crafted with homemade dough and fresh ingredients, are perfect for take-away.

Pizza Margherita


Experience the taste of Napoli at home with La Piazza’s Uber Eats delivery! Our pizza, made with homemade dough and fresh ingredients, arrives hot and delicious.